People for Animal Welfare (PAW) Foundation

People for Animal Welfare (PAW) Foundation

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PAW Life Care Lalmatia
PAW Life Care Mirpur
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Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare

Short Term Activities


  • Awareness building Program

  • Stop animal abuse (zoo, farm, laboratory)

  • Stop illegal wildlife poaching

  • Stop inhumane transport of animals

  • Establish research centre for animal welfare rights

  • Developing veterinary treatment for pets


This is a great place for pets. The main thing is their name is justified as they do really treat all the pets with care. Been there twice, and I was pleased with their treatment. Now I know where to go next time. Highly recommended.

Istiak ahamed Shuvo

A reliable place for your furry friends! They will give the best treatments for your pets and they are well-behaved. They also have their own PET STORE with many items (Food, litter, toys, medicines, etc)

Nishorgo Mehedi

The doctor is very experienced. Very good service and treatment. Recommended for cats and dogs. You should call before you see the vet as the doctor isn’t always available.

Tausiq M Rahman